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Now Buying A Home Is Not Easy At All, It's hard. But,  property cloud can make it easy 

Questioning For Things You Are Going To Own Is Natural and Fair. 

Habitually People Ask Questions For Their Knowledge Or To Clear Their Doubts. 

There are two types of people.

One who asks all the questions and clears all their doubts from the  Real Estate Developer

The other one is just like you and us we all do research on different-different websites before buying a home like" frequently asked questions of home buyers." after researching, we check all the questions and look for what is our needs.

All these internet questions can help you to clear your doubts before asking the seller, all these questions create scenarios that are good before buying.

People have the right to know what they are investing or buying.

Here are some frequently asked questions of home buyers in India in 2022

1) What is an appropriate budget for a house?

firstly set your budget and look for houses that fit your needs and budget. budgeting of homes implies a cost that includes the owner's property tax and maintenance costs only in case of buying a home but if you are looking for a rental house that involves basic rent amt and  Miscellaneous expenses. 

2) Does location matter while buying a home? 

Yes, it does matter. A good location is very important because you will be living there for a long time the area should be good.

in the case of buying a home, you should choose the area that is good with future scope and development which will be going to have a strong value in real estate pricing.

find a location with good amenities and good neighborhood surroundings.

If the house has near stations, highways, schools, hospitals, and other imp stores, then the house has high value.

3) Is a broker is must for buying or choosing a house? 

A broker can help you find the best homes and they will charge for it. brokers have more knowledge in the case of homes than a normal home buyer.

Looking for professionals would be better. It is always a choice of the home buyers whether they want to go with a real estate broker or not if you are searching for a home you can visit for verified properties and professional brokers

4) What are the important documents to collect from the builder while buying a home?

Now, this is a very serious question. the buyer should always read and check all the documents carefully. 

here are some legal documents that you need to collect from the buyer- 

1) The Sale Deed: 

A sale deed is an evidence that shows the sale and the transfer of property from the builder to the buyer.

2) The Mother Deed: Mother: 

Mother deed is an important document. when the buyer takes a loan for buying a home, this document is required by banks when a buyer avails a loan against the property.

3) The Sale and Purchase Agreement:

The Sale and Purchase Agreement contains a list of terms and conditions that are agreed to by both the buyer and the builder.

4) The Building Approval Plan:

The approval plan means the " completion certificate states that the project is completed and is approved by the government.

5) The Possession Letter:

This document is made in the builder’s name. The Possession letter is by the builder stating the date of the buyers’ possession of the home.

6) The Completion Certificate:

The completion certificate is given by the government after the completion of the project. 

7) The Allotment Letter:

In India the allotment letter is necessary. 

after the buyer books the house the builder issues an allotment letter.

5) The home I will be buying is secure 

Buying a home is serious you should always choose a secure home. many sellers will claim safety and security but you should check if that is true or not.

6) Why you (to the seller) are selling your house?

This concern may be personal to the seller but still, you should ask why the previous owner is selling the home and if there is any problem with the home these little investigations

can help you with your doubts.

7) does this house have any problems? 

Ask if the house had or has any problem that may cause trouble in the future. 

8) What kind of property should I buy? 

Real estate is a continuously growing business. housing and commercializing is never-ending and properties. the property you are going to buy should fit your requirements and you should be sure why you are buying that property. Among the type of properties available, you need to select your liking which will benefit you in the future.  you have to compare as many properties as you can and select what is perfect for you.

Here are some best property projects for you~

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  3. SHETH IRENE- At New Link Road, Malad (W)

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