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There are lots of common misconceptions floating around out there about real estate agents. Usually along the lines that real estate agents can’t be trusted and that they’re out to take your money. But it pays to look at the facts before you start believing everything you hear. Buyers and sellers often enter the market with misconceptions about real estate agents — how they work, how the process works, and what the broker relationship is all about.

Here are 5 myths about working with both buyers and seller’s brokers.


Myth no 1- Real estate agents hide negative points of the property.

Real estate agents are legally required to disclose issues about the property to potential buyers before the sale. If not doing so can land them in court, making them liable for fines and risk losing their professional license. On another hand, an experienced real estate broker knows the rules of the letter and won’t hinder a sale (or their reputation) by hiding information.

Myth no-2 Real estate brokers are not helpful they only think of themselves. Commission

Most people have the misconception, especially in India that real estate brokers are not helpful they just want to close a deal and they just making their commission. But actually, the truth is Real estate brokers are always helpful. Real estate agents possess strong knowledge of their area and the best property options. They can offer you multiple options as per your need. A builder might not give you multiple options and will try to convince you into buying his property. Agents definitely help negotiate the price of the property too, so the brokerage you are paying is worth it, with the entire transaction actually feeling lighter in your pocket.

Myth no-3 Once you start with an agent you can not switch the broker.

This is the common misconception about the broker is that once you start with a real estate agent you can not switch to another real estate broker. The truth is if things are not working out you can say to your broker that things are not going well I am switching to another broker what’s so ever the reason is you can switch your broker in any condition.

Myth no -4 Real Estate Brokers just want to close the deal and disappear.

Yes, it is true at some point real estate brokers want deals and have some business. But on the other hand, it is not true it is actually the opposite, the better service they provide, the more likely you are to recommend him to your other contacts. This increases the chances of repeat business too. A dedicated broker puts in the effort to be the best link between the Buyer and the builder or seller. This actually works in the favor of clients too, because the entire industry mostly works on word of mouth.  

Myth no 5 - Real estate agents have to give me all the information about a neighborhood, especially if it's negative.

Actually, they don’t. It’s up to buyers to do independent research about an area they’re buying into before purchasing. A good real estate agent will recommend sources of information for homebuyers but obviously, it’s not in their best interests to make negative comments about a neighborhood.

It is always a choice of the home buyers whether they want to go with a real estate broker or not if you are searching for a home you can visit for verified properties 

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